Upcoming Sales

Winter Hours!

All sales start Day One: 4pm-6pm

Numbers for line given after 2pm on Day One to keep place in line for Day One sale.

Two numbers per person.

Following Days: 9am-12.

Dec 4-5

Salmon, Idaho

60 Perreau

Sandra Templeton, artist, pilot and amazing gal is moving! Firearms, ammo, furnishings, decor, tools, baby grand piano, riding mower, packed and immaculate. SPECIAL 3PM START TIME FRIDAY SO EVERYONE CAN GET BACK HOME BEFORE DARK!

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Dec 10-12



High end western furnishings from a custom million dollar plus home up the Nez Perce, custom log furnishings, art, mounts, decor, more! BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING FOR CHRISTMAS!

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