Marty, thank you tons for all your hard work! – Rita from Seattle for Victor, MT Estate

I found everyone pleasant and helpful and good at doing what I needed to have done. Thank you! Call me next time your in LA and I can be your local guide!
Richard from L.A. for Conner, MT estate

Thank you for working so hard to make this happen.
Erin in Maryland for Gibbonsville, Id estate

My wife and I have come to several of your estate sales and always found them priced fairly and run smoothly. You have a great reputation in the valley, and it is well deserved.

Marty, just wanted you to know that because of your help I was able to donate to the POV:
24 pairs socks
3 hand towels
6 t shirts
2 blankets
Hundreds of toiletries—about a big trash bag full. I was glad to see it go to a place that will use it.
Markay in Missoula

Thanks for dealing with this estate sale promptly and professionally.
Dick Weber, Weber Law, Hamilton

It was so great to have you in the building. Your energy with seniors is wonderful, and you made it possible for some of Ann’s friends to have an affordable memento, and in one case even a couch! Thanks so much Martin. And thanks for your kind and considerate approach when working with one of our dear residents. We will certainly miss Anne.
Ellie Greenwood, Service Coordinator, Missoula Housing Authority

Thank you Martin!

Catherine T. for Glacier Sotheby Realty

I don’t understand the process but I can’t believe it’s all gone! You are a life saver! It is what I hoped for but I didn’t think it would really happen! Someone even bought my lame art!

-Irene W for Hamilton estate.

After interviewing several estate sale businesses, we chose Blue Jay. I liked Marty’s honesty and enthusiasm. What I really liked was the cut and dry contract. No added or under that table charges. He did a lot of advertising for us. It was a big success and we were completely happy with his work and timing. Thanks Marty!

-Jackie from Missoula for Florence estate.

Thank you! You are the best!

-Adam from Bigfork for Libby estate.

Thank you! You and your team performed awesome. Hopefully you will crush it again this weekend in Libby.

-Travis from Missoula for Evaro sale

Email sent to Realtor by client….

I highly recommend Blue Jay – Marty really knows his pricing and researches not only the items by brand, but also knows how to sell some items on Ebay, others locally, and he advertises online and in other ways. He also truly understands the clientele around here, as well as timing, signage, and people. It was very successful!
In addition, he’s an expert at managing customers, which was a great benefit as many folks I didn’t know came into the house, and I felt very safe and in good hands with Marty and the entire crew. 
Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for the reference to Blue Jay and to thank you also for having the sign and fliers available during the sale.
Sincerely, Kristina

Hi Marty,

I tried to add a testimonial to your website, but couldn’t find where to add it in, so you’ll have to add it for me:

I’m one who doesn’t trust easily, but I was so impressed by your enthusiasm and professionalism – putting forth all options for me – that I really felt comfortable allowing you to sell my father’s estate, especially since I was on the other side of the country!

Thank you so much, Marty, for your hard work for it really paid off!

Athena Rogers in Kentucky for Darby estate

I’m thrilled you’ll be taking care of this home.  

Tory Dailey, Realtor, ERA Lambros

Thanks Marty, nice meeting you, pleasure doing business with you.

-Jason P in Maine for Hamilton estate

Thank you for a seamless project!

-Anne for Missoula estate

That was amazing to see the process! I will recommend your services. Great job!

-David, realtor who purchased a home, upon watching the process of the moving sale for the previous owner.

Perfect. Thank you Marty! Appreciate your efforts on this matter.

-Clay Leland, Deputy County Attorney, Ravalli County

So sorry I meant to get back w/ you sooner, but things have been super busy. Thank you so much for your help. You did a great job & was totally surprised @ all that you were able to sell. It definitely helps the family situation. So happy the realtor Bob Pauley recommended you. Will spread the word helping anyone else looking for help in similar situations. Thanks again Marty! –

-client for realtor referenced estate in Hamilton.

Marty was of great help with selling the contents of my house. I only had a short period of time to get this sale completed and Marty made it happen. I left for a couple of hours and returned to a completed project. Thanks lots. -Diane for Hamilton estate

Just wanted to let you know the box of personal items made it to Phoenix. Thank for securing and shipping them! -Gloria in Arizona for Grantsdale estate

Thanks so much for sending the check and for selling the guitar! You are so generous and I appreciate all your efforts. You did great!
Kristina from Maryland for Victor, MT estate

We also looked at the web site and pictures and that also looks wonderful.
Thanks so much for all your hard work on our mothers estate!
Stewart and Betty Jo

Hi – I received the check today – thanks!
Thank you for the kind words about my Dad too. If I lived there in Montana I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needed to have an estate sale.
Thanks again for making everything run so smoothly.

Thank you so much for helping my mom and I with the estate sale. Marty you were the best at calming me down. I am very high stress as you gathered. Both my mom and I appreciated your total honesty and hard work. I will definitely keep your card and get the word out there how honest you guys are. Thank you again.
Sue & Mary

I’m really happy that we were able to achieve this success, and thank you and Becky and everyone that I don’t know that has been involved in helping make this happen.
Take care, and all the best to you.
Angelese from Canada for Shelby, MT estate

Thanks so much for taking care of this, Martin!
Lisa from Phillipsburg for Missoula county estate

I’m always so dang impressed with how you are on this phone. It’s such a nice change from most businesses these days:)-Leslie from Seattle for Montana family estate

I received the check Marty. I want to thank you for being honest and very generous with me when you knew I wasn’t concerned about getting any money from the sale. If it hadn’t been for your expertise and 1200 contacts, we would still have a very large shop full of stuff we would have to pay to get rid of. Thanks a million! It was a pleasure working with you. -Leslie K from Tumwater for Florence estate

Marty was a great help with the selling of my house. I only had a short period of time to get this sale complete and Marty made it happen. I left for a couple of hours and returned to a completed project. Thanks lots… Diane. –Diane for Hamilton sale

Thanks so much Marty! -Ali Bowcutt from Salt Lake for Hamilton sale

Thanks Marty, you are a good communicator. I like and appreciate that! -Jackie from Missoula for Florence estate

Thank you for your fine services. I will recommend and use your company in the future. -Timothy Geiszler, attorney Missolua

Thank you!– Mark and Brenda S, Corvallis

Awesome! Nice Job! -Lisa for Bransby Law Firm, Stevensville for Conner, Mt estate

Thanks, Martin, for your help! -Tim Hammar, attorney, Angel, Coil, Bartlett in Bozeman for Missoula estate.

Thanks for everything!-Donna M. owner Hangin’ Art, Arlee

Thank you so much.  Glad to hear friends and neighbors were there.  It was nice to do business with you.  -Sally G, from Portland for Missoula estate.

Marty, Awesome, thanks! Good job Every little bit helps mom.Best Regards. -Archie Thomas, Hamilton

Very professional and well organized events. No surprises, and very easy to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone!– Ted Calcaterra, Spokane, for MIssoula estate.

Hey Martin!  Once again I can’t thank u enough for helping us out and I’m happy the sale went as well as it did. – Carol W from Havre for Corvallis estate

Hi Martin

Wanted to thank you again for your help with Connies sale. We appreciate they way you stuck with us until we had a solution. We believe you connected us with good people. Thanks Again! -John in Colorado for mother’s home on Flathead Lake that we got to the right people in the area.

Hi Marty,
You held an auction for a client of mine, Diane Williford, last spring and she has recommended your services to us for our clients.
I would like to add you to our Recommended Services -Charla and Doug Bauman, Bauman Realty Group

Marty,Thank you to you and your team for the estate sale you ran for my mom in Salmon, Idaho. Your willingness and ability to pull off this sale on such short notice saved our family the overwhelming time and heartache of downsizing and selling a household of items during a time of tremendous grief for us. Your kindness and empathy made this more than “just business” and we appreciate the time and attention you gave to us. We are very thankful for the service you provided and would highly recommend you!Sincerely,Bonnie Williamson along with Sandra Templeton and her family P.S. I also left a more abbreviated five-star google review. My mom was able to sell the Salmon house with the closing occurring on December 11th. You literally saved us! Thank you. -Bonnie for mother’s estate in Salmon, ID

Thank you Martin! Merry Christmas!– Kim for combined Huson, MT, Deer Park WA estate.

You guys crushed it! We are stoked, thank you! -Lisa for Florence estate

Great job! So thankful for you and all the helpers! -Cheryl Smith, Lambros realtor, for help with Hamilton estate

I want to thank you so much for your help. This has been weighing very heavy on my mind with it taking awhile to the work done on the vehicle, finding a place to store it until spring and not knowing any transport companies. Going to get a little bank account with some of that money for my 3 year old grandson. -Malia in Illinois for estate vehicle and estate in Corvallis

Great news! Thank you Marty and your friend for helping with the DMV paperwork. I really appreciate it. Quck note, I really liked Becky- strong, calming, inspiring and so talented with all the facets of moving me to Idaho. No wonder you could not say enough good things about her. -Katherine, moving to Idaho and needing help with estate and DMV titling paperwork